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Interim management

Do you need a team worker, an expert, IMMEDIATELY? Do you have insufficient capacities, has any of your team members become ill or suddenly resigned? Do you need to strengthen the team only for a transitional period of time? For example, when moving production, launching new projects, at the time of increased customer requirements, increased production capacity, during escalation…?

The solution is called interim management.

Interim management is a modern trend which helps satisfy immediate personnel needs. An Interim Manager is a person who enters the company with specific tasks, and thus becomes an executive part of the company for a precisely defined time. In comparison with counselling, interim management involves an expert who immediately becomes a full member of your team, who immediately begins to work on predetermined objectives, for a clearly specified period of time of the interim project (usually from 3 to 9 months). As a result, you have an independent expert and therefore a direct impact on the achievement.

The basic prerequisite for success is knowledge of the requested issues and an IMMEDIATE start.

At our disposal we have a team of various industry experts (quality, logistics, production, technology, project management, human resources, finance,…) with experiences in a wide range of commodities (Rubber Parts, Plastics, Metals, Thermo Parts, Electrical Parts, Castings, Machined Parts, Welded Parts, Lighting Equipment, Leather, Fabrics, Packaging, Paints and Chemistry, Customer-nominated Parts, etc.) and of different mangerial ranks – from specialists to managers.